Monday, January 11, 2010

Mad Libs Monday

Due to it being Monday but still wanting to post something, I am going to use some help from this online Mad Libs style website.

Enjoy! Or... don't.

The Great Mural

This week, we are making a giant mural in art class. The class voted on the theme for the mural, and donkey punching got the most votes. We are using many things to make the mural, such as skanky cats and Stanford students.

Our teacher, Peter North, has assigned students different tasks. Some students will punch the Stanford students. Other students will spank the skanky cats. The mural is going to be so pensive when it is finished!

Some students have special tasks. Brian is a very talented ouchless bandaid tester and will paint donkeys on the mural. Shakespeare is a good writer and will write a poem about donkey punching to be displayed next to the mural.

At the next open house, we will show our teachers and families the mural. Then people will know why our class loves donkey punching so much!

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