Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Years, and a new start to this blog.

Happy new years everyone. As part of the goals of the new year, I am relaunching this website with a newer, if somewhat more ambiguous purpose.

I think we're all glad that 2009 is behind us and we are tentatively hopeful about 2010. According to hearsay from my aunt, the Chinese Zodiac said that 2009 was supposed to be a pretty terrible year, and looks like the horoscope was right, in spades.

According to this, this year isn't going to be a piece of cake for me either (I'm a dog for what it is worth).

At any rate, I had lost the point of why I wanted to post this. My sensei (I'm taking martial arts) said something I found very poignant yesterday, that while many people make resolutions, those are destined to fail. What we should do however, is set goals for ourselves. They seem similar in direction but there is a key difference.

The idea of a goal presents an objective that we should look towards achieving. We are able to make plans and take incremental steps towards reaching the goal, which is a much better way to improve, rather than making simple pass fail statements that usually lead to failure and self disappointment.

That said, these are the goals I am setting for myself.

Get into better shape
Help foster goodwill within my family
Improve professional relations
Eat out less, cook more at home
And of course, give a firmer commitment to updating this blog

Happy new years everyone, good luck to you all in reaching your goals and meeting the challenges that 2010 will bring.

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Brokenbyclouds said...

Eating out less is just a good idea. I'm terrible at that.