Thursday, October 20, 2011

STOPTHUGS #2, A Bench On Every Corporate Block’s Corner

Proposal: All large cap corporations must install benches around their buildings at semi regular intervals. In fact, if they installed

Background: With not enough sitting room in public spaces, we might as well ask our corporate person neighbors to be more friendly and provide on their private land. It’s the right thing to do. I mean if they’re not going to pay taxes the least they could do is let the rest of us have a seat on their porches.

Expected Positive Impacts:

  • More work for park bench installers.
  • More places for the poor, tired and huddled masses to sit while after a hard day of protesting.

Potential Negative Consequences:

  • Enforcing good neighborliness is pretty much communism.
  • More costs imposed on businesses leads to less business, costs passed on to consumers.
  • People who spent months training their legs to withstand all the standing they have to do in public around corporate buildings will be quite upset at their wasted efforts.

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